7 ways to make easy moneyLooking for fresh, fun, or off-the-wall ways to make a little extra cash? You don’t need to take up a boring side gig just to put together some spending money or pay down a debt. Instead, use your unique talents to bring in the big bucks. Check out these unusual ways to make some easy money.

Sell Your Hair

Who knew your lovely locks were worth so much? While donating your hair is often discussed as an option, many people don’t know that wig and extension manufacturers are often willing to pay top dollar for high-quality hair. The better you care for your hair, the more likely you’ll be able to sell it. Plus, those with rarer colors or styles, such as curly or red hair, may find that they can make even more for chopping off their hair.

Sell Ad Space

You may not own a magazine or a TV network, but you might still have valuable ad space for sale: your home, your car, or even your body. That’s right — you could even make money by getting a temporary or permanent tattoo. Look for offers from various brands or contact companies to see if they’re interested in one of these unique advertising opportunities.

Take a Selfie

Did you know the selfie trend could actually make you some money? With the Stylinity app, you can take selfies on your smartphone while on-the-go, wearing various outfits out in public. Download the app to your cell phone, with reliable network and a high-end camera, to take perfect selfies anytime and anywhere. You tag your photos with product info so others can find the same look. Every time someone buys something based on your selfie or you make a purchase from another user’s photo, you’ll earn rewards that you can redeem for cash, products, or experiences. You don’t even necessarily have to buy new clothes — many users take dressing room selfies with styles they like to attract more purchases from other users. For those looking for good quality smartphones with the best cameras, try these options:

Be Friendly

Making friends certainly enriches your life, but it might also make you richer financially. With RentAFriend.com, you can make extra money simply by spending time with a stranger. You might catch a movie or grab dinner with someone who doesn’t want to go out alone. You could even travel with someone for a whole week or just act as a companion to a lonely senior or a person with a disability. Either way, you’ll get paid for your time. Most friend rentals start at $10 an hour, but many participants earn even more.

Play Video Games

If you’re a gifted gamer, people may be willing to pay for your talents. Some gamers earn money as online gaming coaches. They essentially act as a tutor for people who are willing to shell out some cash to improve their gaming skills. From Call of Duty to Halo to Guitar Hero, a wide variety of gaming skills become potential moneymakers in this day and age.

Enter a Clinical Trial

Contrary to popular opinion, clinical trials are generally quite safe and involve little risk. If you fit the requirements for a certain medical trial, you could earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Whether you have to take medications, follow a certain diet, or have blood draws taken regularly, participation can result in a big payout. You could even make money doing nothing at all for one of NASA’s bed rest studies.

Be a Virtual Jury Member

Everyone dreads jury duty, but what if you could decide when and where you’ll serve? With sites like eJury.com and VirtualJury.com, you can earn money by participating in an online mock jury or focus group. Attorneys use these sites to test out various defenses for their cases. Typically, you’ll review a document and answer questions to help these attorneys hone their defense.

If you’re the type who’s not afraid to take the unconventional route, try some of these quirky ways to earn extra cash. Most are fairly easy if they align with your lifestyle or talents, and you might even have fun doing some of them. Best of all, you can use your extra cash for anything you want, whether it’s saving up for a big purchase or just a little extra spending money for the weekend.


Author Bio: JT Ripton is a business consultant and freelance business and personal finance writer out of Tampa. You can follow him on Twitter @JTRipton

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