66 Simple Ways to Save You MoneyWho wants to save some money?  Seriously, I know you do!  Since the holidays are always a crazy time of over spending and over indulging, it’s time to save your money when the new year approaches.  This is the best time to get a savings strategy in place for when that clock strikes midnight in the new year.  I like this time of year, besides the shopping!  It’s when I can reflect on the year that’s ending and get my mind right for what is to come. I like a new year. Every year is a new challenge in my book and I look forward to tackling it.  Luckily for you, I plan on tackling it with some of these great saving money tips.  Not only are some of these tips simple and easy to implement, some can save your serious cash.  This is an infographic, as most of my readers know I love them. I’m very visual and what better way to learn about something than to see it in graphic form?  You don’t have to answer that, as my mind is already made up.

Ways to Save Takeaways

Well, I’m not going to divulge all 66 ways to save as some of them are general and others not.  I will tell you the ones I enjoyed, plus ones I think you should implement soon!  If you can’t find one way to save in here that you can implement, then you aren’t trying hard enough. I’m just sayin!

  • Think about big purchases before pulling the trigger – I love this idea and implement this myself.  I call it the sleep-on-it purchase method and use it often. I’m a very big research oriented spender. I will research something to death. Seriously, ask my wife…
  • Purchasing a Deep freezer and buying in bulk – While I’m not a huge bulk buying person, I do eat meat and love it.  I have been contemplating getting a deep freezer for some time, especially when you come across a sweet beef deal that causes you to stock up.  A deep freezer would be perfect for that.  I also plan on using it to lager my beer, which for those who don’t know, I like to brew my own beer.
  • Research different cell phone plans – For anyone who hasn’t been to Debt Roundup before, I’m a huge cell phone bill chopping advocate. I don’t like to pay full price and have had the freedom to choose my provider ever since we left Verizon.  Take some time to check out my cell phone service provider page and see the companies I have there. These are all providers and most of them are much cheaper than the bigger cell providers.  My favorites are Republic WirelessStraight Talk, Walmart Family Mobile, and Cricket Wireless.
  • Shop around before renewing insurance policies – I found this one especially true when I did it earlier this summer.  We were able to save a substantial amount per month and year by just making a call to another provider and switching. The process was painless and I’m happy with what I got.  You should do this with every bill you have to make sure you aren’t overpaying.
  • Saving loose change – Now, this one probably isn’t that great. While it is simple, it won’t be substantial and won’t grow your wealth or change your life.  Saving change is perfect for a child, but since most banks don’t take coins anymore, you might just have to deal with taking them to Coinstar or some similar service.  I’m not saying you should waste coins, but you shouldn’t focus on saving them up.
  • I was introduced to a new service to help those who want to save, but don’t think they can. It’s called Digit. You can read my brief review of it, but this little savings software has found places to save me money that I didn’t think existed.

I hope you enjoy this infographic brought to you by Easy Indoor Fireplaces.

66 ways to save money


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