3 Preventative Ways to Save Money on Healthcare


3 Preventative Ways to Save Money on Medical Costs

Surely you’ve heard the saying “your health is your wealth”. If not, let me introduce you to it today. In my opinion, this statement is absolutely, positively true and it’s something I’m working hard to prioritize myself.

This time of year is when sickness tends to get a lot of people down. I think part of that is due to the closer quarters we keep during this time of year. We tend to spend a lot more time at bigger events with friends and family for the holidays, which leads to being exposed to more germs. It could also be because we tend to let our good self-care habits slide during the holidays too. We don’t eat as healthily as usual and we don’t exercise as much either. When we get busy, taking care of ourselves is usually the last thing on our to-do lists which is backward of how it should be. When we don’t prioritize taking care of ourselves, we aren’t at our best and nothing else we do is the best it can be either.

All of these factors lead to more sickness, and thus higher medical costs. Each time you go to the doctor, urgent care, ER, or even to the drugstore to get medication, you’re paying for it. If you want to avoid some of those expensive medical costs, here are 3 preventative measures you can take to save more money on medical and self-care costs. Let’s try to keep more money in our pockets these days. Healthcare is a big win for anyone.

Eat as Healthily as Possible

We’re all guilty of having extra sweets and treats during this time of year. It’s impossible to be 100% good when there are temptations around every corner, but there is still a big difference between having a treat now and then and having something extra every day during the holidays. Make sure to try to cook healthy when you’re at home. While the treats will always tempt you, cooking healthy can not only save you money, it can better your health overall. Here are some ways to save by eating healthy.

To help yourself resist eating too many sweets or unhealthy foods at holiday gatherings, try filling up at home before you go to the party. I usually have a healthy snack, like fruit or vegetables, at home before going to a party so I don’t graze on food the whole time I’m there. If I can’t have a snack before hitting a party, I try to stick to the healthiest options available at the party. Most parties I’ve been to in the past few years have had at least one or two healthy-ish options available. If nothing else, drink a lot of water so you eat less.

Find Ways to Workout Inside

Lately I’ve been getting in most of my daily steps and exercise by going on a walk outside in the afternoon, when it’s warmest, but as winter really sets in I know my time outside will be limited. Instead I plan to get more of my exercise inside.

I recently bought a used elliptical for $50 and I plan to use that to help with some of my exercise needs. If you don’t have access to any indoor equipment, don’t worry there are still plenty of ways to workout inside. Don’t forget to check out Craigslist if you want some equipment. That stuff is always for sale!

A staircase is a great way to get your heart pumping. It might feel silly to go up and down the stairs a few times in a row, but once you get in the habit of it, it will feel like second nature. You can also find workout videos for free on YouTube and you can use them to help you get a workout inside too.

Finally, you can workout with nothing by your own bodyweight by doing things like squats, situps, and pushups. There are tons of different workouts you can find online that require nothing more than yourself and a pair of tennis shoes. Talk about a no excuse workout! 🙂

Get Enough Sleep

Not getting enough sleep and feeling run-down is one the biggest ways you can harm your body and increase your chances of getting sick. I know there’s a lot to do before the end of the year at work and at home, plus the added stress of the holiday season, but you still need to make sure you are taking the time to rest and sleep as much as your body says is necessary. The amount of sleep needed varies from person to person, but I know I feel a lot better, I work a lot better, and I really decrease my chances of getting sick when I get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night.

If you have trouble sleeping, don’t run out to get a sleeping pill. Try some other methods first to see if you can lull yourself to sleep. Put on some calming music. Drink a glass of something warm (probably not alcohol). Buy a new pillow that supports your head. Try any of these ways to fall asleep faster and enjoy the night!

Prioritizing your self-care so you don’t get sick is important. Not only does being sick cost you money for things like medical appointments and medication, it can also cost you if you miss work, or even if you are simply a lot less productive at work while you aren’t feeling well. Taking care of yourself doesn’t have to be expensive if you put these 3 important preventative care items into practice.

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Kate @ Money Propeller says December 9

I always find way to exercise even thrice a week. It really feels so good after I exercise and of course eating healthy is really important too.

    Kayla says December 15

    I’m trying really hard to make exercise a priority in my life. I try to go for a walk each afternoon and now I’m trying to get up and do a workout in my basement each morning.

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