10 ways to make extra cash in collegeSometimes it’s not convenient to get a full-time or even part-time job for college students. Plus, even when you do have a job, sometimes the money you have coming in just isn’t enough and you need to do something more to bring in a little extra.

College isn’t cheap, and neither is living on your own. Plus, you don’t want to spend every day just going to class or going to work, so you need some extra spending money, and time for fun, to come from somewhere.

Have no fear, overworked college students, here are a few easier ways you can make a little extra cash on the side that won’t take up a ton of your time. While they won’t pay you enough to pay off your entire college degree, they may get you a few extra packages of Ramen noodles and a couple of movie tickets. Heck, they might even help you pay down your student loan debt, if you have any! Everyone can use a little extra cash here and there, so why not use some of your free time and make a little extra money?

  1. Tutoring– Tutoring is a great way to make some extra cash. It allows you to help other students learn the things that you already know. Through tutoring you’ll not only make money, but you’ll also feel like you are doing something good, because you are. You may make the difference in another college students life and help them graduate just by helping them learn.
  2. Babysitting– Teenagers do it in high school, so why not continue on the tradition in college. Babysitting can pay pretty decent money. If you love kids or are going to school for a degree that revolves around children this is the perfect way to spend your spare time and make some money on the side.
  3. Selling Blood– Blood and plasma banks are always in need of donations, and they pay. You can usually only donate so many times a month, but it will be enough to give you some coffee money or a little extra cash for some fun. You’ll also be doing a great service to your fellow man.
  4. Freelance Writing– There are many freelance writing gigs out there that are specifically looking for college students. You can do anything from ghost writing blog posts to writing news articles, or even writing reports and resumes. Some jobs pay better than others and require more time than others. There are plenty of places to look, just search “writers wanted.” Here is a great course to get started freelance writing.
  5. Mystery Shopper– It’s likely you spend some time in stores at some point. Sign up for mystery shopping jobs. Usually once you’ve found a company and signed up with them you’ll have access to jobs with various spending amounts and different rules as to whether you have to speak to an employee or not. You scan in your receipt, fill out a form, and you get reimbursed plus paid for your time.
  6. Brand Ambassador– You can do work online or on the street as a brand ambassador or street team member. Just like with mystery shopping, you can search out companies that hire people for this online and then you’ll get assignments and have to check in with paperwork at photos of the job you’ve done in order to get paid.
  7. Selling Textbooks– Yes, you can sell textbooks for money. You won’t get all of your money back on your old books, but what do you need them for if you’re no longer in that class? Take great care of your books and refrain from writing in them and you’re likely to get more back out of them.
  8. Research Trials– Find out if there are any clinical research trials in your area. This is something that can be easily searched online. Some of these trials can pay pretty well. If you suffer from allergies, asthma or something like that, you just might find even more places want you for medical research trials.
  9. Online Sales– Utilize the online world of sales. You can sell off old stuff you no longer want on sites like Ebay. Even Facebook allows sales now. If you are an artist or enjoy crafting you could try to sell your stuff at Etsy.
  10. Odd Jobs– There are many odd job type things you can do when you need money. Find out if your landlord needs some painting done. See if your neighbor needs their lawn mowed. Maybe you could help new college students move into their dorms. The ideas are endless.

As you can see, there are tons of ways to make some extra money on the side. It just takes some time and some creative thinking. You may find you get so good at one of these things that you can do it as a regular full- or part-time job!

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  1. If I stick with my present plan my child will be fine while going through college, but I plan on pushing her to work while she attends. Having a job during college if done right can provide good job experience on their resume, and for some students I think it kind of keeps them focused then running from frat house to frat house and downing cheap beer.