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Money Is Just A Tool...

You have to choose how you want to use it to better your life.

During the Great Recession, I found myself in over $75,000 of debt, mostly from credit card spending. I took charge of my life and now have no credit card debt, am self-employed, and get to enjoy the days not thinking about what I need to do for money, but what money needs to do for me! Join me in changing your thinking about money!

What Do You Want to Do With Your Money?

Welcome to Debt Roundup, where we’re about as passionate about your money as we are with our own. After struggling with massive debt and fighting through it, I’ve come to realize that too many are in the same position I was. After paying it all off back in 2012, I’ve realized I need to help those looking for answers. This is why you’re here!

So, what do you want to do with your money? How do you want to change your financial future? For me, it’s a combination of making more money to save more to invest more.  All of these aspects of money management are connected, so I need to do each of them well.

What about you?

Learn how to make more money
Learn how to save more money
Learn how to pay off debt
Learn how to invest more money

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I used to run my life like a reality TV show. I spent money I didn't have just to look like I was rolling in it. I bought a Jetski just because I heard a promo on TV. Now, I enjoy a life of self-employment with only a mortgage to pay for, have money in the bank, and two kids I love spending time with. This is what happens when you take responsibility for your money actions!


This guide will show you the tools and sites I used to get control of my finances. They can help anyone and without them, I might still be in a lot of debt.
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5 Great Tools to Rescue Your Finances