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The Weekly Debt Roundup Digest – 9/28/2013

Debt Roundup Personal Finance DigestWell, it is the weekend again. If they go anything like mine, they are way too short and you don’t get everything you want done.  I did get lucky and get to go golfing with my Dad yesterday.  It was such a great day with sunny skies and 75 degrees.  There is no better day to hit up the links.

Security Update

This is to all of the bloggers that hit up Debt Roundup on a weekly basis.  I have seen a lot of brute force attacks on my blog as well as many others.  I offer security help with WordPress blogs and there have been many people reaching out to me.  If you are using the “admin” username, then you need to get it changed now.  If you don’t have a way to check if people are trying to log into your site, then try the many plugins that work with WordPress.

Offering Services

As I have indicated before, I am offering up my services to others.  I help with WordPress maintenance, along with staff writing, and ghost writing.  If you need help with anything, just contact me and let me know.  I would love to see if I can help you out with anything.


My blogging friend, Pauline, from Reach Financial Independence has created a really good giveaway.  Pauline interviewed Jason Hull, from Hull Financial Planning about his new Winning with Money course.  Pauline didn’t just have a great interview, she also is giving away one Winning with Money course and a $25 gift card.  Check it out and get your chance to win.

Articles on Debt Roundup

You might have noticed that there are not as many articles on DR this week.  I have decided to pull back on that amount of writing I am doing.  I did this because I want to focus on better content instead of the amount of content.  I will see how this works out.

Shout Outs

Here are the people and sites that have generously mentioned my articles on their sites. I really appreciate it.  Thank you for the support!

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About Grayson Bell

I am an average Joe, who built up over $50,000 worth of credit card debt and had to learn how to break it back down. It took 4 years of learning budgets, secrets, and many other personal finance tricks in order to cut the debt to $0. Now, I push to teach others not only how to get out of debt, but how to use credit wisely and how to start growing their wealth. You can view my other site, Sprout Wealth for ways to grow your money. I am also a freelance personal finance writer who provides staff writing and ghost writing services.


  1. Thanks so much for the mention Grayson, hope all is well in your world! Will you be at FinCon?
    Jim recently posted..The Fulfillment Curve, When Is Enough, Enough?My Profile

  2. I like the better content vs. more content approach. When I was doing four or five posts a week over the summer, I felt some of them were really lacking.
    Brian @ Luke1428 recently posted..A Trick to Staying MotivatedMy Profile

  3. Thanks for the shout out for the giveaway that Pauline and I are holding!
    Jason Hull recently posted..Is Obamacare Viable for Early Retirees?My Profile

  4. Sorry about the attacks and thanks for the tip I really need to change that. Thanks for the mention, hope you have a lovely weekend.
    Pauline recently posted..How to Identify the Short Term Market PeakMy Profile

  5. Thanks for the mention Grayson!
    Mark Ross recently posted..I’m Single — Do I Need To Buy Life Insurance?My Profile

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