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3 Widely Unkown Ways to Save Money When Buying A Car

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3 Widely Unkown Ways to Save Money When Buying A CarThere are many tips for ways to save money when you are going to buy a car. One relatively unknown idea is to put your car insurance company to work for you. That’s right, put your insurance company to work for you. There are some great auto insurance companies that have a network of dealers that they already know and trust to help you get the best deal. By using the insurance company contact code or information they will give you, there are several ways to save money.

Insurance Company Help On Knowing What a Car Should Cost – Savings Tip 1

If you have the correct car insurance company, they will share with you what any car, by make, model and number of miles, should cost. This can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars on the cost of your new, or used, car. If you go to a recommended auto dealer, given to you by your insurance company, they will not haggle with you on the price of the car and you have the savings with no worries or problems.

Free Car Fax and No Credit Check Charges – Savings Tip 2

Most people have never heard of using the online Car Fax website. Car Fax will give you a complete maintenance, repair and safety report on any car you have in mind. Since this is free, if you go through your car insurance company, you just saved $15 per car, or $45 for a five car report special.

Some car dealers charge you up to $50 to have a credit check run. Most auto dealers will run a credit check on new customers, even when the customer says they will pay in cash. If you are using an auto dealer, for a new or used car, that was recommended by your auto insurance company, there will be no charge for a credit check.

Car Insurance for American Military and Relatives – Savings Tip 3

If you or anyone in your extended family, is now or has ever been a member of the United States Military, you should contact USAA for your auto insurance. Even if your uncle is in the military, you can probably become a member if he calls and gets it started for you. The cost of your car insurance will be so much lower than through other car insurance companies that you will save enough, per year, to make one or two payments. That is a real savings on the purchase for your car.

Those are three relatively unknown ways to save money on the costs of finding, negotiating and buying a new or used car.

Author Bio: Sean has been in the automotive industry for years, and speaks from experience. During Sean’s free time he runs a company that helps individuals sell there vehicles.

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  1. Interesting. Although I won’t be buying a car for a while, I’ll keep these tips in mind next time we head out shopping.
    Greg@ClubThrifty recently posted..Five Constructive Ways to Spend Your Tax RefundMy Profile

  2. These are all interesting tips! Luckily W is a car salesman so I just rely on him :) Makes it easy!
    Michelle recently posted..How To Make Money BloggingMy Profile

  3. Great tips! We have USAA ourselves and would recommend them to anyone who can use them. Their customer service is second to one and their rates are decent. When we bought our last car we worked two dealerships against each other and was able to save quite a chunk of money on it.
    John S @ Frugal Rules recently posted..Looking For Last Minute Tax Deductions? Try Making a Ringtone About Yourself!My Profile

  4. The timing here is exquisite! We are in the process of checking out car purchases right now as hubby’s commuter car may be on its last legs. :-)
    Laurie @thefrugalfarmer recently posted..The Joy of a Simple MealMy Profile

  5. Great tip on the car insurance angle! I’d never heard that before and thought that I already had the best plan of attack ever when buying a new car.
    AverageJoe recently posted..Bad Advice? Here’s Some From Top Money GurusMy Profile

  6. Thanks for the tips. My husband and I are saving up to buy a used car and I’ll definitely have to ask my insurance company about a car now! We’re a Navy family and got a quote from USAA but it ended up being close to double what we pay for our Progressive car insurance. My husband insisted on getting AAA premier memberships in addition so I guess it would have balanced out the price difference. Having AAA gives us a wide variety of discounts, do you know if USAA does as well?
    debtperception recently posted..HodgepodgeMy Profile

    • It is good that you checked. They are not always cheaper. I do not know about any discounts through USAA, but I don’t use them, so I wouldn’t be able to tell you.

  7. I just bought a car. Unfortunately, my insurance company does not offer free Carfax or any of the other benefits discussed here, or maybe, I am not aware of them being offered.
    Jerry recently posted..A Bright Spot In Our Credit Crazed CountryMy Profile

  8. Interesting about the car company telling you what your car is worth, it is definitely a good indicator.
    Pauline recently posted..Protecting your businessMy Profile

  9. This is good information. I had no idea that an insurance company would be able to do that for you.
    Alan @escapingmydebt recently posted..What is the Price You Put on Customer Service?My Profile

  10. When looking for my next car, in a few months, I’m going to have to check my insurance. They’re pretty screwy at times and don’t necessarily follow the industry standards.
    Justin recently posted..Personal Finance Blogs: Do we really need them?My Profile

  11. Interesting, I’m going to have to ask our car insurance agent if they do the car fax as well. I can’t remember if that is the same as what I used when I ran the vehicle I bought but I paid for my report about $15 bucks.
    Canadianbudgetbinder recently posted..The Grocery Game Challenge #2 April 8-14, 2013~Tracking Grocery ExpensesMy Profile

  12. Great tips. Things I would take note of in case when are buying for a car. But maybe next year.
    KC @ genxfinance recently posted..How to Save Money for a HouseMy Profile

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