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Discover it card

Discover it Card Review – Earn 5% Cash Back

From April through June 2014, you can get 5% cash back at all home improvement stores, furniture stores, and Bed Bath & Beyond® on up to $1,500 in purchases. What a way to save on your spring cleaning! Sign up for the Discover it card.
Discover it Card Review   Earn 5% Cash Back reviews credit cards reviewed The Discover it card have updated their categories for the first quarter of 2014. You can get 5% cash back on your restaurant and movie purchases.  Some time has passed since I first looked at it, so I wanted to update you with my Discover it card review.

Discover has had a rewards card before, but the Discover it® card is their game changer.  It has many of the great features of Chase, Capital One, and Citi.  If you have had a Discover card before, then you may already know that they have decided to scrap all of their other rewards cards, like the Discover More card, and are just going with this one card.  This shows how much muscle they want to put behind this card.  Let’s start digging into this card and it’s features.

Discover it Card Rewards

With any credit card, we all want to know what type of rewards are going to be offered.  The Discover it card is all about offering cash back.  As with some other cards, Discover has created a rotating category list for their big cash back offers.  Their rotating list changes every quarter and you have to sign up each quarter for the rewards.

  • Get 1% cash back on all purchases that are not on the rotating list.
  • You can use your cash back rewards during checkout on (Not many offer this reward!)
  • 5% cash back categories change every quarter and you can easily sign up in your account.
  • Get your free FICO score on your online or paper statement each month. You will always know where your credit stands. I love this feature and use it each month on my Upromise Mastercard account.

Discover it Card Review   Earn 5% Cash Back reviews credit cards reviewed

Discover it Card Features

One of the best features of the Discover it card is the no annual fee.  That means you can earn rewards and not have to pay to use the card.  Cards with annual fees can be good, but they have to have great rewards.  One of the cards in this category is the Barclaycard Arrival World Mastercard.  It has one version with an annual fee, but if you use the card a lot, then the annual fee will be covered.

Speaking of fees, the Discover it card has very few. You can pay your balance up to midnight of the day it is due. You also get one late payment fee waived. There are also no overlimit fees or foreign transaction fees, which can be huge for international travelers.

Discover it Card Review   Earn 5% Cash Back reviews credit cards reviewed

Discover is now offering a new features on the it card and that is each member gets their FICO credit score for free on their monthly statement.  The Discover it card and the Barclaycard Arrival World Mastercard are two cards that now offer this service.  This means you get to see your credit score every month.  It can help you see where you are at without having to pay for a service. I recently got this on my card and am happy to see the score.

Another selling point of the Discover it card is that their customer service is 100% US based.  Many consumers have asked for this for their other cards, but Discover has made it a point.  Not only are the agents US based, but they are also available at any time.  You get to reach an agent quickly and at any time, 24 hours a day!

If you are looking for a great cash back card, then the Discover it card should be in your wallet or purse.  Discover has made sure to try hard to differentiate themselves from other cards.  They have a wide range of features that will keep you happy and earning more and more cash back on all of your purchases.

No matter how good the credit card rewards are, if you have trouble with spending, then don’t apply for a new credit card. As I have said before, credit cards are just tools and you choose how to use them. I am an advocate of using credit cards wisely. I made mistakes in the past with them, but have learned. I now use them responsibly.

Here are the full list of features along with current rates and promotions for the Discover it card.  Check the features and you can hit apply to head over to Discover.

Have you thought about trying the Discover it card as your cash back credit card?  Do you have the Discover it card?  Just let me know below! I hope my Discover it card review helped you make an informed decision.

Remember, you should only apply for credit cards if you understand how to use them properly. Rewards credit cards are no good if you are paying interest. They need to be paid off each month, just like any other credit card. If you can’t control your spending, then credit cards might not be for you. I used to be in a large amount of credit card debt, but understand that credit cards are just tools.

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Discover it Card Review   Earn 5% Cash Back reviews credit cards reviewed
The Discover it card have updated their categories for the first quarter of 2014. You can get 5% cash back on your restaurant and movie purchases.  Some time has passed since I first looked at it, so I wanted to update you with my Discover it card review. Discover has had a rewards card…

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Summary : The Discover it card has become a very popular cash back credit card. They make the rewards easy and you can earn up to 5% cash back on certain categories each quarter. This is my review of the Discover it credit card.

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I am an average Joe, who built up over $50,000 worth of credit card debt and had to learn how to break it back down. It took 4 years of learning budgets, secrets, and many other personal finance tricks in order to cut the debt to $0. Now, I push to teach others not only how to get out of debt, but how to use credit wisely and how to start growing their wealth. You can view my other site, Sprout Wealth for ways to grow your money. I am also a freelance personal finance writer who provides staff writing and ghost writing services.


  1. You already know my thoughts on the Discover it card – it’s my absolute favorite and my go-to credit card.
    DC @ Young Adult Money recently posted..15 Ways to Improve your Finances in the New Year – Part 2My Profile

  2. Safe is the first thing to check when you apply for a credit card. And the 5% cash back is a very good reward!

  3. I just got the new Discover it credit card and love it! I am especially impressed by the 24/7 100% US based customer service. I’ve already called them twice and got through to a human very quickly. I’ve written a detailed review about my experience over on my Pay Off Credit site.Your review is helpful as well.

  4. Choosing your own due date is a really cool feature, along with the U.S. based human approach that Matt commented on. Good writeup.

  5. I love the idea of the 5% cash-back that’s different each quarter…very interesting!

  6. I never even look at credit cards that charge me an annual fee.
    I do like the whole 5% cash back bit. Sounds like the card might be a winner on that alone.

  7. Done! Well, maybe not quite yet but this has been a contender in my quest for a next credit card. 5% cash back is epic but love the no annual fee and access to a credit score.
    Broke Millennial recently posted..Using My Major on Alicia Menendez TonightMy Profile

  8. We just got the Discover It card last month. The 0% on balance transfer for 18 months is what attracted us to it as we are trying to get rid of some debt. I was impressed with the customer service when I called.
    Raquel@Practical Cents recently posted..Important Tips to avoid Frozen Pipes in your HomeMy Profile

  9. I really like some of the 5% rotating categories offered with the Discover it card. Like right now the 5% cash back at restaurants (up to $1500) in Q1 2014 is really nice.

    If you’re looking for that single-best card for your expenses though, it is still often bested by other rewards cards.

  10. I love this card! I get about 11% cash back in addition to the 5% i get from the card with a cash back site.

  11. I have rebuilt my credit and am shopping around for a card that also offers good rewards. This sounds like a winner to me.

  12. We have used Discover for nearly 30 years. In addition to the services you mentioned Discover also has a price guarantee. If you find a product that you purchased using Discover at a lower price at any retailer, not just the store you purchased it from Discover will refund you the difference up to $500 dollars. I just received a check for $10 from them when a game I bought for my granddaughter at Gamestop went on sale for $10 less at Target. You do have to jump through some hoops ( provide add showing lower price, your credit card bill , receipt of purchase ) but it gives you assurance that you won’t have buyers remorse when you see the same merchandise for sale at a lower price from another retailer just after you paid more. They also are very good if you have a dispute with a vendor over a purchase, and they double warranties up to one year on all purchases.

    • Thank you very much for your great comment Cliff. I really appreciate your feedback with regards to Discover. I do think they are a good company and it shows when you have a customer for 30 years. I have enjoyed what they offer and the price match guarantee is nice!

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