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Festival of Frugality – The Government Shutdown Edition

Festival of Frugality

Welcome to the festival of frugality. This is a massive collection of quality articles from great blogs around the world. Take your time to enjoy this great collection and share as many of the articles as you choose. I am dedicating this festival to all of the government employees that have been furloughed by our elected leaders. This has gotten out of hand and the best I could do is provide a great collection of articles for those to read while they are not working. Read More »

The Weekly Debt Roundup Digest – 9/28/2013

Debt Roundup Personal Finance Digest

Well, it is the weekend again. If they go anything like mine, they are way too short and you don't get everything you want done. I did get lucky and get to go golfing with my Dad yesterday. It was such a great day with sunny skies and 75 degrees. There is no better day to hit up the links. This digest goes over some articles on Debt Roundup, some good shout outs, and a security update! Read More »

The Weekly Debt Roundup Digest – 9/15/2013

Debt Roundup Personal Finance Digest

I hope everyone had a great week and is having a good weekend. I really enjoyed my weekend so far, as I got to spend time with my son on Saturday. It was just him and I all day, as his mother was out of town. I don't get many days when it is just the guys, but I will say that it was most enjoyable. There is nothing better than spending a great day with someone you love. It makes me feel good to be a parent. Read More »

The Weekly Personal Finance Digest – Time To Reflect

Debt Roundup Personal Finance Digest

Two weeks ago, I celebrated my one year of blogging on Debt Roundup. I got some great encouragement from many of your and I thank you for that. As with any milestone, I like to reflect on what I have done and what I would like to do. I am happy with what I have done, but I am trying to find the direction of what I want to do. There are so many ideas in my head for this site and it's purpose that it can be confusing at times. That being said, I have made some decisions on a few things. Read More »

The Weekly Personal Finance Digest – The Move Edition

Debt Roundup Personal Finance Digest

After the hosting debacle at the beginning of this month, I decided to move Debt Roundup and my company website to another web host. I am glad that I did. I moved to Big Scoots (weird name, but great service) and I have been really happy. I have only been live for 2 days, but my load times are up and their support is phenomenal. I am so happy that I switched. Now onto business. Here is my weekly digest. I hope you enjoy. Read More »

Yakezie Carnival – My AC is Still Broken Edition

yakezie logo

As you can see, my air conditioner is still broken. I am working on figuring out how to get it fixed because the next part is very expensive. Anyway, I am hosting the latest Yakezie Carnival this week and there are a lot of great personal finance articles. There is a wide range of topics in this week's run, so I hope you take some time to look over them and share the ones you like the most. Enjoy and I hope you have had a good weekend. Read More »

The Weekly Personal Finance Digest – Are Sales Really Sales?

Debt Roundup Personal Finance Digest

Well, it is Sunday, and time for this week's personal finance digest. There was some good stuff out there, but I wanted to highlight one article in particular from Daily Finance. They wrote an article about the embattled JC Penny. I think you will enjoy it, but it is about the sales practices of this retailer. It shocks me for one reason, but not the one that many would think. Let me know if you are shocked by this investigation. Read More »