How can a blog called Debt Roundup be showing credit card offers? Isn’t that counter-intuitive? When I was in debt, I would have said “Hell Yes,” but now that I am working on growing my wealth, I have found that credit cards are an essential tool in my financial toolbox. I use my Arrival Plus World Elite card for most of my purchases. I have earned a lot of miles and paid zero in interest. Yes, that is right, I have paid $0.00 in interest since 2012. Just so you know, 2012 was when I paid off my last credit card and was done with debt. It only took me a few months to realize that credit cards aren’t evil. They aren’t doing anything wrong. After that, I started playing the game again and have not had any problems. I don’t spend more than I should and I pay off my balance every month. I have earned so many rewards with my few cards that I see why people do it.

For this reason, I have decided to put together a page that shows some of the best credit card offers out there. I suggest to anyone thinking about getting a credit card to understand there are risks involved. You must understand your spending habits, your credit, and your budget. If you are good on all of these things, then why not earn some rewards? These are mostly reward credit card offers to help you score some miles, cash back, points, or whatever you like. These offers only apply to people who have good credit. Rewards cards for bad credit applicants just aren’t around or are terrible.

My Recommended Cards