Saving Money Throwing a Party
Saving Money

How to Throw an Awesome Party on a Tight Budget

Just in case you missed it, the Super Bowl (which is a BIG deal for most people here in the U.S.) was this last weekend. I spent Super Bowl Sunday at a party with several friends of my friends. It was pretty fun and everyone was really welcoming, but the whole time I kept wondering one thing: How much did they spend to have this party? I guess it’s moments like this when you know …

How to save a lot of money on life insurance
InsuranceSaving Money

5 of the Biggest Money Saving Tips for Life Insurance

I have a big goal here on Debt Roundup. I try my best to show you many ways to save more of your money each and every day. I know my audience loves to save money, along with making more. This is what I do here and I’m glad I get to do it. Having said that, I know I’ve dropped the ball a bit when it comes to life insurance. I don’t cover the …

5 Simple Ways to watch TV without Cable
Saving Money

5 Simple Ways to Cut Cable and Still Watch TV

I’ve written before about finally cutting my cable television, and I still receive some questions about which services are good to use as a cable substitute.  Remember, it’s been over two I decided to put together five services that anyone could use in place of their cable television package.  Please be aware that if you love watching and recording a lot of different shows, or you really enjoy your sports package, then these services will not …

When to cut off your child financially

When You Should Financially Cut Off Your Child

While I’m just a father of a three-year old boy (and one more on the way ), I can tell you that I’m working on a plan to set up my children with all the necessary tools for them to succeed. This means emotionally, financially, and in any other aspect I can. This is the time I can teach them what works and what doesn’t. Where they can spend their time and get ahead. My …

Celebrate Valentine's Day for Less
HolidaysSaving Money

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day for Less

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, yes already, and that means it’s time to start thinking about how you are going to celebrate the holiday. Valentine’s Day isn’t just a day for couples to celebrate their love, but rather Valentine’s Day can be used to celebrate all kinds of love, including love for your kids, and even love for yourself. If you are planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day, here are some ideas to help …

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Start Investing Now

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Be Investing Right Now

  The stock market is down a good amount in 2016. The first month, which just ended was terrible. The Dow Jones Industrial tumbled 5.5%, while the Nasdaq went down nearly 8%. This could be a bad omen for 2016, but it’s not the end of the world. While some stick to their guns (literally) and funnel their money into bonds, gold, and other junk, I look for bargains. In fact, when the market is …

Jack of all trades, master of none
BusinessMaking Money

Jack of All Trades, Yet Master of None?

Like Grayson, I quit my job earlier this year to run my online business full-time instead. In the past few months since I quit my job, I’ve had lots of incredible opportunities come my way. In fact, I’ve had enough job offers and business offers that I’ve recently had to take some time to evaluate my business and where I’m going with it in the future. Some business owners are incredibly talented at looking at the …

Creating a savings stack
Saving MoneyShopping

How to Stack Savings to Keep More of Your Money

I’m a huge proponent for shopping online. Not only is the process much easier than it used to be, but I don’t have to drive around looking for a store, parking, and dealing with people in the store. Then don’t even get me started on going through checkout. Have you shopped at Walmart lately? I would rather go to than walk in their stores. While I can’t shop online for everything (almost thanks to Amazon!), …

When You Should Rent Over Owning a Home
GAReal Estate

When is Renting Better Than Owning Your Home?

The question of renting versus owning your home has become more complex in recent years. With rents sky-rocketing in urban locations and mortgage rates crashing due to the recent financial crisis, home-ownership may appear to be a more attractive option than ever before. The Rent vs. Buy Question Many home owners have simultaneously found that due to a fall in list prices (both the US and UK), their mortgages have become more expensive than their homes …

The importance of Value-based spending
BudgetingFighting Debt

Why Value-Based Spending Can Make You Happy

Today I was going to write about lots of ways to start saving money and how even the smallest amount saved in your monthly budget can add up to be a whole lot saved over the course of a year. While that’s still 100% true, I suddenly realized that this type of content can be found on lots of other blogs and that’s not necessarily why you are here on Debt Roundup. More than likely, …