How to make and save money with a free website
Making MoneySaving Money

How to Save and Make Money With A Free Website

I’ve got a little treat for you today my fellow money lovers. Today, I’m going to show you the holy grail of simplicity. I know my audience comes here to find out different ways to make money, but also how to save more money. These are two of my most popular categories and I can understand why. We all want to learn how to make more money, but we also need to know how to …

The Top 5 Things Mothers Really Want on Mother's Day

The Top 5 Things Moms Want for Mother’s Day

If you weren’t aware, Mother’s Day is right around the corner. May 8th in fact. I’m sure you haven’t forgotten about the mother in your life, but if the day has come up faster than you thought, then maybe it’s time to sit down and think about a few things. What do moms really want for Mother’s Day? That’s a pretty good question and I might have the answer to it (even-though I’m not a …

How to Survive after a Job Loss

6 Emergency Financial Steps to Take After a Job Loss

Suddenly and unexpectedly losing your job can be a devastating experience for your finances and your self-esteem. But don’t bury your head in the sand, as I’m sure you would like to do. This may seem easy and even comforting at first, but it won’t help you move on and keep your family and yourself fed, clothed, and happy. Instead, you should pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and face the situation head on. I …

four mortgage types and their pros and cons
Real Estate

4 Common Home Loans and Their Pros and Cons

The type of mortgage you select can have an impact on the amount of money you pay each month for your mortgage loan. It can also affect your total loan amount, monthly payments, down payment and risk level. Depending on your particular situation, the following home loans can either help or hinder your financial future. Fixed Rate Mortgage Adhering to a budget can allow for luxuries such as a family getaway or new car. If …

The free tool that keeps me financially safe

The Free Tool That Keeps Me From Financial Disaster

I’m going to admit that April has been a very costly month for me. I’ve paid out more this month than I ever have, minus the down payment on our current home. It was especially bad last week when my tax payment came out of my bank account. It’s never a good Monday morning when you wake up to see many thousands dropping out of your bank account. To be honest, if this had happened …

Should you turn off your ac while away to save money?
Saving MoneySavings

Should I Turn Off My AC While Away To Save Money?

It’s starting to get warm out there again as Spring is in full-effect and Summer is going to be coming quick. If you’re anything like me, then you know how uncomfortable it can be when you’re hot in your own home. I hate being hot, so I love air conditioning. I consider it one of the greatest inventions around, just due to how much I hate being hot. As someone who is relatively frugal, I’m …

6 Ways to Save at the Grocery Store without Coupons
Saving Money

6 Ways to Save at the Grocery Store Without Coupons

A trip to the store to buy groceries these days can be a budget buster, especially if you shop while you are hungry. 🙂 With food costs on the rise, it’s no wonder so many people use coupons to save on their groceries. However, some folks simply don’t have the time or desire to clip coupons every week. Even if you’re not a fan of coupons, there are still some great ways you can save …

The Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards to Consolidate Debt
Credit Cards

The Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards to Consolidate Debt

Today I want to show you how to use balance transfer credit cards to consolidate debt. I did this for four years and it saved me thousands in interest. It’s not difficult, but you do need to find a good credit card with a promotional rate for balance transfers. See the Best Balance Transfer Cards It’s been almost four years since I paid off my last credit card debt bill. I was in over $50,000 …

Cheap traveling is possible

Cheap Traveling: Mission Possible

Forget the ancient myth that traveling needs a lot of money. As always, there are a ton of simple, but perfectly working tricks, you can try out which will let you pursue your dreams of traveling the world. So you will be able to travel the world and don’t worry about the money at all! There are ways how to make traveling more affordable for everything. And bellow you will find six of these ways. …

Your Tax Season Guide

Your Tax Season Guide: Important FAQs

We’re in the heart of tax season, and as such people everywhere are scrambling to get all their documents and write-off receipts in order. In a way, it’s comical. We spend the better part of a year doing everything we can to increase our wages, find supplemental income and whatever else we can do to increase our financial security, yet, when it comes time to claim how much cash we’ve made for a possible tax …