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Me!Debt Roundup was created to share a journey toward debt freedom. After four years of fighting debt, I learned a few things about myself, my finances, and my desire for financial freedom.  I have since paid off my debts, built a business, a thriving blog, and started growing my wealth more than I ever have before.  This blog is my journey through it all and the tips and tricks I picked up along the way.  I discuss everything from debt, credit cards, loans, making money, investing, and everything else evolving around finance.  Along with these topics, I also share tools and resources which helped me along the way. I hope it helps you discover your new financial pathway!

~ Grayson Bell

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The real power behind word of mouth marketing

The Real Power Behind Word of Mouth

Everyone who reads this site on a regular basis knows I’m a fan of business. I like business, especially entrepreneurs. I’ve been a small business owner for some time, dabbling in different niches, but I have finally found my spot. I’ve finally found where I belong with regards to business. No, it’s not blogging. I do love blogging, but my favorite part about it is the actual technical aspects behind the scenes. This is where …

Why You Need an Emergency Fund While in Debt

Why You Need an Emergency Fund Even When in Debt

This is a post created for Debt Roundup by Erin of Everything Finance Blog. Are you so focused on paying off your debt that you’ve chucked savings out the window? What if something were to happen to you? Is debt such an important emergency that you’re willing to risk leaving yourself vulnerable to even more debt? This can be a sensitive topic in the personal finance world, but I do believe that everyone needs something …

Walmart Family Mobile logo

Walmart Family Mobile Review – No Contract Cell Plan

It has been some time since I wrote my final goodbye to Verizon.  I left Verizon back a few years ago and then finally was able to get my wife to switch.  Coverage was great, but the price was outrageous.  Either way, I had been looking for a new service provider for some time and there were two things that I wanted, price and coverage.  After some testing, I decided to jump to Walmart Family Mobile.  While …


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