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Me!Debt Roundup was created to share a journey toward debt freedom. After four years of fighting debt, I learned a few things about myself, my finances, and my desire for financial freedom.  I have since paid off my debts, built a business, a thriving blog, and started growing my wealth more than I ever have before.  This blog is my journey through it all and the tips and tricks I picked up along the way.  I discuss everything from debt, credit cards, loans, making money, investing, and everything else evolving around finance.  Along with these topics, I also share tools and resources which helped me along the way. I hope it helps you discover your new financial pathway!

~ Grayson Bell

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The average monthly income around the world

How Do You Compare? The Average Monthly Disposable Income Around the World

How much money do you have to spend each month? Too personal?  Well, get over it!  I picked up this interesting infographic (I love graphics) about the average monthly disposable income around the world. I think it would be a fun exercise to compare to how you do on a world scale. Luckily for you, this infographic has translated all currencies into dollars to make it easy for us Americans! Who do you think makes …

4 Keys to forming healthy spending habits

Four Keys to Forming Healthy Spending Habits

Spending money can be a lot of fun.  Many of us even get a temporary high whenever we buy something new.  But spending habits can be dangerous and even downright destructive if you get carried away and let them get the better of you. Awareness of your spending habits and the money triggers that make you overspend is the first step in reigning in your spending and taking control of your finances. Follow the four …

Getting a tax refund? You're doing it wrong!

Getting a Tax Refund? You’re Doing it Wrong!

Last week, I put up an infographic about how Americans will spend their tax refunds this year.  This graphic had an average of about $3,100, but after doing some research, that might be going up.  Either way, this is over $3,000 of a refund. That’s a big chunk of change.  What irritates me about this number is the number of companies that want you to spend your tax refund buying something. Use your refund to get …


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