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Saving Money IS NOT Making Money!

saving money not making money

I was approached the other day with a unique income producing opportunity. I could see the potential. OK, I am lying. There was no potential. It was a basic networking marketing company (MLM) where you earn money by recruiting other people in your network to sell products to other people they recruit. I really do hate these forms of networking, but they do exist and some are reputable. Unfortunately, most are a complete waste of time and very few actually succeed in earning any money. Anyway, I decided to do my due diligence on the company and found some quality lines by others trying to recruit you to join. After checking out a few sites and watching a few videos, I came across this one theme many of them repeated. It must be in their training or something. Saving money is making money! Read More »

How to Eat Healthy on a Limited Budget

eat healthy limited budget

Mike wrote a great post last week on how the income gap truly is affecting our eating habits and our health. People with a limited food budget often feel they have no control over what they eat, and that they have no choice but to buy unhealthy foods. This is a myth. Although eating healthy does indeed take effort, you can eat healthy on a limited budget. Here are some ways you can eat healthy without draining your bank account. Read More »

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