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Me!Debt Roundup was created to share a journey toward debt freedom. After four years of fighting debt, I learned a few things about myself, my finances, and my desire for financial freedom.  I have since paid off my debts, built a business, a thriving blog, and started growing my wealth more than I ever have before.  This blog is my journey through it all and the tips and tricks I picked up along the way.  I discuss everything from debt, credit cards, loans, making money, investing, and everything else evolving around finance.  I hope it helps you discover your new financial pathway!

~ Grayson Bell

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4 Investment strategies

Use these 4 Investment Strategies to Grow Your Wealth

My friends over at Motif Investing created this great infographic on how to grow your wealth with simple investment strategies. As regular readers know, I’m a fan of infographics. I feel they are easy to follow and some of them provide awesome visuals on a topic which might be boring otherwise. If I get a chance to put up an infographic, I will do it!  Since I’m a Motif Investing account holder, I found this …

Simple tips to sell your home fast
Real Estate

Simple Tips to Help Your Home Sell Fast

Last week I took my five year old son to his friend’s birthday party.  It was at one of those places where all the kids get to bounce around on trampolines and go down slides while the parents all hang out in a nearby room and watch the craziness through a big window. While I was there I had an opportunity to meet some of the other parents and I had an interesting conversation with …

Debt Consolidation Options

When Debt Consolidation is the Only Option

This site sees a lot of people on a daily basis.  Most are coming here to learn how to fight debt and win.  I know how they feel. Being buried under mountains of debt and watching creditors hound you every waking hour. There are few feelings worse than losing control of your finances.  While I was able to keep it together just enough to leave the creditors at bay, I still watched those damn credit …


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