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5 Top Tips for Battling Your Debts and Coming Out on Top

Climbing Debt Mountain and Winning

This is a post written by John Baird, who is a personal finance writer dedicated to helping people fight debt! Debt problems can creep up on the best of us and suddenly spiral completely out of control. Even stacking up seriously large debts can happen quickly while the road back to stability and a healthy financial position can be a long and arduous one. As you’ll know if you’ve been trying to become debt free for any length of time, improving your finances significantly takes time, effort and self-discipline. Here are five tips designed to help you find the focus you need and a strategy that stands the best chance of succeeding. 1 – Face up to the facts The toughest step of all when it comes to tackling personal debts of any sort and on any scale is the first, which means facing up to the facts and the ... Read More »

Will You Be Ready If An Unexpected Expense Pops Up?

Man shocked

As I’m writing this article I’m sitting at my kitchen table waiting for the plumber to arrive and install a new hot water heater in our laundry room. The day before yesterday, I was running around the house cleaning up and getting everything ready for the holidays.  We’re hosting Christmas dinner at our house this year and there are still plenty of things left to do before then. My wife and I were in the in the kitchen with the kids getting ready to whip up some delicious oatmeal raison cookies when I realized the cookie sheets were still tucked away in the garage.  As I cut through the laundry room to get to the garage I stepped in a puddle of water.  Splash! My first thought was that one of the kids had spilled something and neglected to clean it up, but I quickly realized there was way too ... Read More »

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    Welcome to the first Debt Roundup DIY post! In my new house update, I told you I was going to be adding some new do it yourself content in order to help those looking to save some cash and learn a few things. Yes, that is me in the video above. I am a huge DIY advocate. I think you can learn so much while trying to accomplish tasks on your own. I fix my own cars, build fences, fix plumbing, run electrical, and have moderate carpentry skills. If something comes up in my house, I am going to try to build or repair it on my own. Why not? I have saved thousands by doing things on my own. Not only that, but I have learned valuable skills. Today, I am going to show you how to replace a lamp socket. Why is this one first? Well, here is the back story and how to do it. Read More »
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