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How to Manage Your Money by Doing the “Opposite”

The Opposite Budget

Anyone interested in personal finance knows or at least has heard that if you want to manage your money properly, you need a budget.  Well, today, I’m going to tell you why you should do the opposite of that and not have a budget.  Now, hear me out before you riddle the comment section with insults and criticisms, please. The Opposite Budget You see, I’ve found a way to cut expenses that doesn’t require a budget at all.  I call it the “opposite budget”.  Why?  Because when I look at my expenses, my goal is to figure out not how much I can cut from my budget, but how I can work to spend no money at all that doesn’t absolutely need to be spent or that doesn’t completely line up with both our spending values and our monetary goals. For instance, instead of working to figure out how I ... Read More »

Is Amazon Prime Worth the Money?

Is Amazon Prime Worth It?

We are in the middle of the holiday shopping craze.  This week is Thanksgiving and Black Friday is right on its way.  On top of that, Cyber Monday starts the week after. This is the week of deals and steals.  People will be shopping their minds away until they literally pass out.  While I’m not a big Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopper, I don’t mind getting a good deal when I shop.  As most of you know, I love Amazon.  I do most of my shopping there.  I’m also an Amazon Prime member.  There was a time when I thought that I wouldn’t renew my prime membership because it jumped in cost.  It went from $79 to $99.  Now, I haven’t paid the $99 yet. My membership renews in February.  After this year, I thought I was done.  Well, it looks like I’m keeping it for another year and ... Read More »

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    How to Replace a Lamp Socket Quickly – DIY

    Welcome to the first Debt Roundup DIY post! In my new house update, I told you I was going to be adding some new do it yourself content in order to help those looking to save some cash and learn a few things. Yes, that is me in the video above. I am a huge DIY advocate. I think you can learn so much while trying to accomplish tasks on your own. I fix my own cars, build fences, fix plumbing, run electrical, and have moderate carpentry skills. If something comes up in my house, I am going to try to build or repair it on my own. Why not? I have saved thousands by doing things on my own. Not only that, but I have learned valuable skills. Today, I am going to show you how to replace a lamp socket. Why is this one first? Well, here is the back story and how to do it. Read More »
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    Do You DIY to Save?

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    When DIY Plumbing Works Out In Your Favor