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Motif Investing Review – Theme and Idea Focused Investing

Motif Investing Review

My new favorite investing site is Motif Investing. I learned about this new approach from some other investing bloggers. As I have been on a massive investing kick lately, I knew I had to give it a try. Motif Investing is a new kid on the block, but they offer features which many other online brokerages do not. I will explain what I mean soon as I go through my Motif Investing review for those looking for another alternative for their investing money. Read More »

Happy 2nd Birthday Debt Roundup!

Happy 2nd Birthday Debt Roundup

Holy crap, it has been two years! I can't believe it has been two years since I created Debt Roundup. I had no idea what to expect, no real goals, and no idea where it would go. This blog has morphed a few times over the years. I started out talking strictly about debt. I was in credit card debt for nearly four years. It was my life at the point and I had paid off my last credit card a month before I bought the domain here. My idea was to share my story with others and hope it helped out people in debt. I wasn't really unique or different than anyone else. I was not rich (still not!) and was deeply ingrained in the middle class. After a few months, I started meeting other personal finance bloggers and that is when this blog changed. Everyone I met was extremely helpful and encouraging. We all worked toward a common goal. We were sharing our stories to help others. I still do that today, but on a different level. Here are some of the lessons I learned over the past two years. Read More »

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Check Out My New Favorite Investing Site: Motif InvestingLearn more