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My Biggest Money A-Ha! Moment

Financial Literacy Carnival

Today, Debt Roundup and many other great personal finance blogs are sharing their biggest money a-ha moments. We are part of a financial literacy carnival put on by the wonderful and talented Shannon, from The Heavy Purse. If you didn't know, April is financial literacy month and I believe it is an important month to celebrate. This is the month when you can turn around your bad financial ways and start working toward debt freedom and wealth creation. Today, I am sharing my biggest money a-ha moment with you. Read More »

Want to Start Investing? Here is How!

How to start investing

Investing can be a scary topic for many. When I first got out of debt, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my money. Where would I put it? How would I grow it? I was a little ahead of the game because I setup a 401(k) when I first started working. The issue was that I was not contributing much to it. That was by design, but that was my first step into investing. I changed my percentage withheld from each paycheck and started looking at what else I could do. Investing is only as complicated as we make it out to be. Yes, there is a slight learning curve, but it is not that difficult. You can dig deep into it if you wish, or you can ride the top level and still succeed. The main thing about investing is that you just need to start. Read More »

Hey, I Have Another Big Announcement!

special announcement

What a better way to spend a Monday than with a great new announcement? I don't know of one, so I figured this would be the way to do it. As many of you know, I am working hard to diversify my income, but also bring on new web properties into my portfolio. I have been hard at work with Debt Roundup, but I don't like to stop at one thing. It is the proverbial eggs in one basket kind of thing. Earlier last month, John (Frugal Rules) and I launched Sprout Wealth. The site is growing slowly, which we expected and we are starting to gain some traction. It is fun to build a new site from scratch, but it is certainly a lot of work. I am excited to watch the site grow, but I just can't stop there. Read More »

Going to be Late Filing Your Taxes? Get an Extension!

tax extension

Well, the last day to file your taxes is tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow is April 15th! How did it sneak up on you again this year? Tax season is in full swing from the beginning of the year until April 15th. It still surprises me how many people are stuck in line at the post office just to get their taxes sent off to the IRS. I have not paper filed my taxes since I was in high school and I won't do it again. This is why e-filing is so darn easy. Probably my hatred for long lines keeps me going the e-file route, but I also enjoy the ease. If you are not able to get your taxes filed by the end of the day tomorrow, then you better understand your options. The best comes in the form of an approved tax extension. Read More »

Simple Savings Sunday #15 – Ditch the “Just Replace It” Mentality

simple savings sunday tips

Today, I wanted to speak about a mentality that I hear quite a lot about. In the US, we have a mentality that is all about just replacing an item when it breaks. Very few of us actually try to go and repair said item. For this, I want to speak about the "just replace it" mentality. This simple savings Sunday post is about trying to repair an item before you scrap it. By just taking the time to figure out why an item broke might lead you to a path of how to fix it. Just don't jump to conclusions. Read More »

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