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A Day in the Life: A Glimpse into My Typical Day

Take a peek into my life

I get a lot of questions from other bloggers and just people interested in how I run my blog, business, and my life in general. While I love talking to people over email, I figured I would take the time to talk to my readers about how I manage it all or at least make it look like I manage it. Remember, most of my life is organized chaos. It might look OK from the outside, but there is a little tornado going on inside my head. A common misconception I hear a lot about me is I work full time on my blog. I don't! I actually have a full-time job which I love and enjoy. I run my blog and business as a moonlighter or side hustler. I find it much easier for me to do it this way. So, without further ado, here is a day in my life as a employee, blogger, business, owner, husband, and father. Read More »

Getting On The Property Ladder With Little Or No Savings

tips for first time home buyers

Some would-be homeowners tend to think that getting on the property ladder with little or no savings is just a distant dream and that they may never be able to save enough to get that important foot on the first rung of the ladder. There is no question that buying property in today’s economic climate without having a large deposit to put down, is going to be a challenge, but there are definitely ways that you might just be able to achieve what you may have though was just a pipe dream. Here is a look at some of the potential ways that you navigate your way over the mortgage and first-time buyer hurdles and get the keys to a property that you have an equity stake in. Read More »

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  • How to Replace a Lamp Socket Quickly – DIY

    How to Replace a Lamp Socket Quickly – DIY

    Welcome to the first Debt Roundup DIY post! In my new house update, I told you I was going to be adding some new do it yourself content in order to help those looking to save some cash and learn a few things. Yes, that is me in the video above. I am a huge DIY advocate. I think you can learn so much while trying to accomplish tasks on your own. I fix my own cars, build fences, fix plumbing, run electrical, and have moderate carpentry skills. If something comes up in my house, I am going to try to build or repair it on my own. Why not? I have saved thousands by doing things on my own. Not only that, but I have learned valuable skills. Today, I am going to show you how to replace a lamp socket. Why is this one first? Well, here is the back story and how to do it. Read More »
  • When DIY Plumbing Works Out In Your Favor

    When DIY Plumbing Works Out In Your Favor

  • Do You DIY to Save?

    Do You DIY to Save?