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Do We Have a Comprehension Problem?

comprehension problem

I had a conversation with my wife recently about a shopping trip I had at Target. You know, the store which used to own my soul. Well, I have returned there since getting a hold on my soul and I was shopping for a few things. I picked up what I needed and headed off to the checkout lanes. Since I only had a few things, I got into the express checkout lane. The lady in front of my had many more items than the 10 allowed. Well, this started our conversation about where our society is headed and why we can't seem to comprehend things. Read More »

They Can’t Do That! How I Learned about Debt Collection Harassment

Stop Debt Collection Harassment

This is a personal debt story from Lindsey Dahlberg. She had a lot of debt and had to deal with harassment from unscrupulous debt collectors. She learned some valuable lessons about dealing with debt, but also how to deal with debt collectors who don't follow the law. She provides valuable advice for anyone getting those pesky collection calls from creditors. I think you will enjoy her feedback. Check out her story and if you know someone dealing with this type of situation, pass it along. Read More »

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    Make Money Testing Websites

    Who doesn't want to make more money? I know I am always striving to earn more, so I can reach specific goals that I have for myself and my family. This post is over on Sprout Wealth, where I describe how to earn extra money by testing websites for companies. I have been doing this for about a year and earn some money here and there. This is a money making venture that allows me to work when I have some free time and I get paid for 15 minutes work. While the pay is not huge, you can't complain for only 15 minutes work. I make extra money testing websites for companies. I get to go through their sites and provide them verbal feedback. It is great and it really helps out the companies. If you want to learn more about making money testing websites, then head over to Sprout Wealth. Read More »
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    How to Find Freelance Jobs – I Use One Almost Exclusively

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