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Me!Debt Roundup was created to share a journey toward debt freedom. After four years of fighting debt, I learned a few things about myself, my finances, and my desire for financial freedom.  I have since paid off my debts, built a business, a thriving blog, started making more money, and investing more than I ever have before.  This blog is my journey through it all and the tips and tricks I picked up along the way.  I discuss everything from debt, credit cards, loans, making money, investing, and everything else evolving around finance.  Along with these topics, I also share tools and resources which helped me along the way. I hope it helps you discover your new financial pathway!

~ Grayson Bell


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How Complacency costs money
AutosSaving Money

How Complacency Has Been Costing Me Money

Ever since stepping onto the other side of debt three years ago, I’ve been on a mission to save money on my “fixed” expenses. I first started with cutting cable and going with the awesome (and inexpensive) Mohu Leaf to get my TV fix when I needed it. My wife and I also kicked Verizon to the curb and laughed at their high prices and stupid contracts. I’ve tried a number of services like Walmart …

How to get cash back when shopping on Etsy
Saving MoneyShopping

Etsy Fans, Get Cash Back Every Time You Shop!

I know some of you reading this are fans of the site Etsy. It’s a pretty cool place where independent entrepreneurs can sell their handcrafted merchandise.  While the platform has changed since they went public, it’s still a great e-commerce platform for those looking to sell their wares. I know my wife has bought a few things off Etsy and they were good purchases. While I haven’t bought anything from there, I know many who …

Making Mortgage Refinancing Easier
Real EstateSaving Money

Can We Make The Refinancing Process Easier? This New Startup Will Try!

My wife and I have been in our new home for a year. It’s been a long year of fixes, stress, and new experiences. I’m not going to say it was all bad because our new area is much nicer than our old one. We have more land, extremely nice neighbors, and just an all around clean area. We are also closer to our parents which is great when you have a toddler. When we bought …

Getting paid monthly expedited my debt woes
Fighting Debt

Getting Paid Monthly Expedited My Debt Woes

I’ve always been open and honest about my debt free journey. It’s one of the reasons I enjoy this site so much. I can air my thoughts and grievances and not have any fear about what people think.  It’s been ten years since I started getting into credit card/consumer loan debt and three years since I paid off that monster. The majority of my debt was from my e-commerce business, which I shut down in …

You don't have control over your money
DebtFighting Debt

You Don’t Have Control of Your Money, and Probably Don’t Even Realize It

Please welcome Chenell here on Debt Roundup. She is guest posting here for today. She blogs over at and is well-versed in the trials and tribulations of debt. Take it away Chenell! Being in debt ultimately means you are not in control of your finances. You owe money to other people, and thus, are not able to decide where all of your money goes. Each time a paycheck comes in, a portion of that …

Personal Capital Retirement Planning tool

Personal Capital Just Introduced an Awesome Retirement Planning Tool

I make no qualms about my love for Personal Capital. Their free site really did change my financial life for the better. I moved from to Personal Capital some time ago and I haven’t been back. I’m not saying that is bad, but I like Personal Capital much more. I even put them head to head and you can check out the results. Today, I got an email from PC letting me know …


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